«PIERRE MONTE» Glera, Extra dry

Made of Glera European grape. It grows in the Southern Moldova.

Tasting characteristics: Gleaming lemon-straw color. Rich and pleasant melon, lemon and tropical fruit aroma. Fresh and complex, fine acidity, elegant dry taste. Fruit tint, lemon, melon and peach persistent aftertaste.

Storage: The bottle should be stored vertically, in a cool, dry and dark place with constant temperature.

Gastronomy: It can be a cool and refreshing start to a meal. It may be served cold or with ice. It goes well with salted almonds and olives. Extra Dry is a perfect aperitif that goes well with seafood. The drink pairs best with sushi, light salads, for example, with chicken, prosciutto. To be served at a temperature of 6°С to 8°С.

Volume: 0,75 l.